Monday, September 3, 2007

Does anyone know what day it is??

I seem to have lost track of time lately. It's just been getting sucked away like a candy wrapper in a tornado. Man, I always heard that as you age time seems to move with a little more speed. But didn't believe it, was I ever wrong. and I'm just 22..... I can only imagine how it will get as I get older.
Well I passed my boards on August 16th. Super excited about that. I've been working at a local hospital ever since. Love it. But I work night shift so it's difficult. Maybe I'll be able to adjust. I hope so anyway.
Summer is almost gone.... I can't believe it. I feel like it's just now starting. we've be on the lake a lot lot lately. Super fun. This pic is of my nephew jumping in. he's 2 and completely fearless. Love him.

Well, Jon and I are going on vacation with our families in two weeks. I think that he is going to purpose..... at least I hope so anyway. we've picked out rings, and have been talking about it ALOT lately. I hope that I"m not getting my hopes up only to be let down again. I mean come on.... after almost 6 years, don't I deserve a little comittment from him. I'm damn good to him too and he knows it.
Heres a recient picture of me. I had just gotten out of a friends wedding, what a coincidence, always a bridesmaid never the bride....... maybe that'll change.

I promise to try and blog more often. working nights has got my schedule all messed up, but I'll try.

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