Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Fun!!

I had a BLAST this memorial day weekend. I didn't do much really, just sat around relaxed and we had a cookout and invited my family. Holidays spent with family are always the best. The more the Merrier is my moto. I love spending time with the kids soo soo much. I love watching them grow and laugh. If you can't tell by my blog so far, I am head over heals for all four of them ( two nieces/two nephews ). There is nothing like them. Anyway I included a few pictures of all of this weekends festivities just for fun. Enjoy....... I'll start blogging faithfully again soon.
Lane Houston and my aunt

Lauren and Molly Cooling down with some popsicles!!

James Dallas and Molly drinking the sprinkler water

Tomorrow I go to a LSS for a class with Karen Foster!! Can't wait. I'm superexcited. I'll post pictures of our LO and of the class if I have time to take any.

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