Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm Back!!!

After a great weekend spend with my Brother and his family in Louisville I'm back in this sleepy little town that I know, love and call home. Theres no place like it although I did LOVE the time we spent in Louisville this weekend. We did lots of things like........ Ate at the Old Spagetti Factory ( which I love ), went on a horse and carriage ride, walked around downtown, shopped, walked along the Ohio River. It was a wonderful and fun filled trip, But my favorite part of all was just spending time with my brother, that doesn't happen often enough. Hopefully this will be the first trip of many.


I'm trying to diet........ again. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know. It is HARD. I don't know what it is about me but food just loves me. Once i eat it, it doesn't want to leave. It wants to hang around on my thighs or keep my belly button company. haha. But I'm gonna give it a try. Just like this blogging thing ( which is going quite well I might add, I kinda like it. )I have walked about 2 and a half miles today and Ran maybe a half. I'm gonna work on the running part, hopefully that will be switched soon............ ran 2 1/2 and walked a 1/2. That'll give me something to work toward right?

I'm gonna leave but before I do, I'll explain these pics....

The first is of my brother, sis-in-law and their two great kids. Standing in front of the Ohio River.

Second is me and my honey Jon.

Third is an upclose of my niece............. Beautiful isn't she, she's gonna be a heartbreaker someday. (But for now she's only five).

Have a great day!!!

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